Central Florida Real Estate Connection, Inc.

Our Real Estate Services


      To use our 30 years of experience to help you obtain the BEST price, terms and mortgage available when purchasing your home or business opportunity.
     In purchasing a home, we assist you in following some E-Z Steps:
  • Step One... We ask that you get "Pre-Approved" by our trusted mortgage lender, in order to find out "How much home you can afford?". It is confidential, FREE, and mostly done over the telephone.  George St. Pierre, Fidelity Funding Mortgage Corp., 407-774-5800 x225 or email:  george@goffmc.com
  • Step Two... We will get together to discuss "Agency Relationships", which is required by Florida Law, and the TYPE, SIZE, & STYLE of home you wish to purchase.
  •  Step Three... I will search for properties that match your criteria that meet your housing needs, and present you with a LIST of homes for you to preview.  The best way is to take the homes that look most interesting to you, drive to those homes, see what they look like from the curb, and see what the neighborhood is like as well.  Once you have narrowed down the list to a selection of properties you want to pursue, I will make the necessary appointments to view the inside, and give you as much detailed information available.
  • Step Four... I will write, present, and negotiate your OFFER to purchase the home you have selected.  I will REPRESENT YOU in negotiating the BEST price & terms.  After the Contract for Sale & Purchase is ACCEPTED by the Seller, you will proceed to the mortgage lender to complete and expedite the mortgage process.
  •  Step Five... I will assist you with all the paperwork and inspections necessary to purchase the home, and recommend local real estate related companies to help in this process.  You won't be alone, I will be with, every step of the way.
  •  Step Six... At he Closing, you will sign the documents for the loan and title, and RECEIVE the KEYS to your very own home.  I will be with you at the Closing to make sure all goes well and to explain anything you may not quite understand.
  •  Finally, we ask you to tell your relatives, friends, neighbors & acquaintances about our service, and how we can help them, too.
       How We Are Compensated:
  • Our MINIMUM Fee as a Buyer’s Agent is 3% of the final sales price.  If the property you purchase is found in the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), the fee is designated by the Listing Broker, and paid by the Seller.  However, if the Seller has offered a lower fee than our minimum, the Buyer shall be responsible to pay the difference.
  • Most real estate companies charge a Transaction Fee, we do not.  However, there may be some delivery fees, if FedEx or Postal services are used.  
  • If the property is listed as a Short Sale (see below), a $1,000 up-front, non-refundable fee will be charged.  Should you close on the property, this amount will be deducted from the total office commission & reimbursed back to you after closing.  If you do not close on the property, but choose another property to purchase, the amount will be deducted from that transaction's commission & reimbursed back to you.  If you do not close on any property, and decide to just walk away, or to use another Realtor, the Fee is non-refundable and regarded as a retainer for services rendered.
  • If the property you purchase is a New Home, you will receive a REBATE of 50% of the total office commission.


* Short Sale:  A short sale is when a homeowner owes more for their mortgage, than what the house is worth.  It's called "being upside down or under water".  It usually takes several months to many months of waiting for the owner's bank to approve the sales price, which is usually 40-50% under the mortgage amount.  This process requires that I maintain constant communication with the seller's agent & the bank's personnel.  This can sometimes become a very lengthy situation, thus the reason for the up-front fee.

     In purchasing a business opportunity, we assist in finding a the business that is just right for you, given your desires, experience, and price.
     You will have received the BEST home or business you could have purchased given the circumstances, and will have received the BEST care and attention that a company and its staff could give.